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High-quality zirconia for framework fabrication. Ceramill ZI features high strength, rigidity and biocompatibility. 

   - 70% Ceramill ZI is ideal for indications in which discoloured tooth preparations or metal frameworks must be masked as well as for the fabrication of support structures for crowns and bridges in the anterior and posterior regions,

  - Telescope and conical crowns,

  - Customised abutments on titanium bases,

  - Multiple-unit, screw-retained restorations on titanium bases.

  - Flexural strength 1400 MPa

  - Up to 14 unit bridge








    Ceramill Zolid is a highly translucent, multi-indicative zirconium oxide used for fully anatomical and anatomically reduced frameworks. Its high translucency with long-term stability sets Ceramill Zolid apart from other dental ceramics. The special feature of Ceramill Zolid – it is not a single product but much more of a complete system comprising material and methods for guaranteed, interference-free and aesthetic restorations. The integrated range of zirconium oxide blanks, staining and colouring solutions was designed to be compact and clear to ensure process reliability, without restricting the diversity of customisation options.


  - Fully anatomical crowns and bridges

  - Anatomically reduced crown and bridge frameworks in the anterior and posterior region

  - Telescope and conical crowns

  - Multi-unit, screw-retained restorations on titanium bases

  - A maximum anatomical length of 50 mm

  - Flexural strength 1200 MPa










Super-high-translucent zirconia for exceptionally aesthetic restorations in the anterior and posterior region (up to 3 units). Ceramill Zolid FX Classic is a super-high translucent (SHT) zircon oxide, which is suitable for monolithic and anatomically reduced restorations in the anterior region due to its excellent optical characteristics.


  - Crowns

  - Veneers

  - Inlays

  - Onlays

  - Flexural strength 600 MPa



Ceramill® Zolid 
Ceramill® Zolid FX 
Ceramill® Zi
Ceramill Zi

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