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ceramill® temp

Temporary acrylic

Ceramill TEMP, an easy to process acrylic, is suitable for long-term temporary restorations. Ceramill TEMP is available as a monochromatic blank (intraoral time up to 3 years) and as “Multilayer” with shade gradient of dentine to enamel (intraoral time up to 12 months).

Conventional cutters and trimmers as well as polishing pastes can be used for preparation and polishing. TEMP temporary restorations can be fabricated fully anatomically and can also be veneered with conventional crown and bridge resins. They are suitable for checking the fit and functionality of the actual restoration before it is finished, whereby the tooth-coloured material increases the acceptance of the try-in.

  • Temporary restorations

  • Crowns and bridges

  • Maximum span: bridges up to 14 units (max. 2 pontics)

  • Gingiva former

  • Custom abutments on titanium bases

  • Multi-unit restorations on titanium bases

  • Acrylic for long-term temporary restorations with time in situ of up to 3 years

  • Available in monochrome staining or with a natural dentine/enamel shade gradient

  • Can be veneered using conventional veneering composites

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