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Ceramill TI-Forms are titanium abutment blanks with industrially prefabricated connection geometries from which customised, one-piece titanium abutments can be fabricated inhouse using the Ceramill Motion 2. The TI-Forms, which are available for a wide range of commonly used implant systems, obtain an outstanding surface quality thanks to the “rotational milling” technique and are characterised by high biocompatibility thanks to the proven Ti6Al4V (medical grade 5, ASTM 136) material.


  - High biocompatibility of the abutment blanks and screws due to the proven Ti6Al4V (medical grade 5, ASTM 136) material

  - Titanium abutment blanks available for all commonly used implant systems

  - High corrosion-resistance and temperature-stability for durable restorations and veneers without distortion

  - Low density of the metal ensures good intraoral comfort for the patient.

  - Well tolerated in the patient’s mouth with regard to the influences of heat (hot and cold; no sudden reaction in the patient’s mouth)


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