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At Core Ceramic Studio we are constantly reviewing the newest up-to-date materials available that deliver aesthetic excellence and durable function. But we also use our 25+ years of tried-and-true experience to meet our quality standards of form, fit and function to craft restorations that are beautiful, that fit and that last.



Core Ceramic Studio offers a wide range of dental products and services, representing advanced technology and premium quality.

We are committed to both the dentist and the patient  and do everything we can to ensure that we use the best possible techniques and materials.




                                                                                  MADE FROM TGA- APPROVED MATERIALS

                                                                          100% AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED


                Every delivery of Core Products and Core  state of the art technology  includes a certificate of authenticity for the patients.

               Core Ceramic Studio authenticity card gives you and your patients the confidence that we are using only the best products .




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