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At Core Ceramic Studio we are constantly reviewing the newest up-to-date materials available that deliver aesthetic excellence and durable function. But we also use our 25+ years of tried-and-true experience to meet our quality standards of form, fit and function to craft restorations that are beautiful, that fit and that last.




Outstanding beauty without metal.

This glass-ceramic is ideally suited for veneers, inlays and onlays, monolithic single-tooth restorations and implants.  Supported with zirconium oxide is can also be used for posterior bridges.

IPS e.max Ceram is the highly aesthetic layering ceramic for the entire IPS e.max system. It provides lifelike, highly aesthetic results with true-to-nature light scattering and a balanced relationship between brightness and Chroma. High flexural strength of 400 MPa for long-term, incomparable durability.


IPS e.max Ceram----- > According to ISO 6872 (fluorapatite veneering ceramic)

IPS e.max PRESS------ > According to ISO 6872 (lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingot                                                                                             for the press technique)




Porcelain Fused to Zirconia

This option is ideal for anterior and posterior crowns and bridges because of its excellent aesthetics and strength.

The VITA VM 9 materials excel by their refraction and reflection similar to natural enamel.

You can expect the vitality and translucency of natural dentition with the superior matching and layering we provide through Vita VM9 Porcelain.

Layered with Vita VM 9 porcelain, Core Ceramic Studio has been achieving excellent results and very satisfied clients.


VITA VM®9--------------- >  According to ISO 6872




Porcelain Fused to Metal

The metal ceramic that refracts and reflects light like enamel. Metal ceramics cannot be aesthetically convincing? VITA VM 13 proves that the opposite is true. Metal ceramic systems such as VITA VM 13 remain at the cutting edge of technology and provide users, dental surgeons and patients with exceptional reliability and aesthetics

VITA VM 13 are perfectly matched with high gold content, reduced gold content, palladium-based and non-precious metal alloys.


VITA VM®13------------- >  According to ISO 6872




Argen's expertise, experience, and focus on precious metals are key factors in maximizing refining returns. Argen is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Non Precious & Precious dental alloys in the world.


Semi - Precious Alloys for Ceramics

ArgeLITe® 52+---------- >  White Type 4 According to ISO 9693




DeguDent has been developing metals for dental restorations and dentures for almost a century. Today DeguDent employs over a hundred people alone in the research and development of materials for dentistry and prosthetics. This strategy has been successful: Degudent products are of the highest standard with regard to compatibility, aesthetics and practical application. To maintain this standard all materials are tested by highly respected institutes and universities and constantly improved by working in cooperation with dental laboratories and practices. 


Full Gold Crown & Bridge Alloys

Stabilor® G -------------- >    Extra hard yellow. Type 4 According to ISO 1562


High - Precious Alloys for Ceramics

Deva® 4 -------------------- >     Extra hard white. Type 4 According to ISO 1562




Lukadent was founded in 1989 in Schwieberdingen, Germany. The corporate name is a registered trademark.


Non - Precious Alloys for Ceramics

LUKACrom C ------------- >  According to  ISO 13485   

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